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The Perfect the Diamond You’ve Been Looking for Is in Our Store


It’s challenging to find the perfect diamond piece when you have hundreds of designs to choose from in the market. The Jewelry Clinic and its jewelry masters aim to make your decision-making process simpler by providing custom jewelry services.

Trust us to provide expert advice and to update you throughout the entire design process. The Jewelry Clinic is here to help create your ideal diamond collection, from loose diamonds to earrings and engagement rings.


Diamond pieces from The Jewelry Clinic are:

  • GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Certified – Established the Four C’s of Diamond Evaluation; the Global Standard of Diamond Evaluation. Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat Weight
  • AGS (American Gem Society) Certified – Established in 1966, a Nonprofit Organization Dedicated to Ensuring Consumer Safety and Providing Accurate Diamond Evaluation
  • EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) Certified – Emphasizes Cutting-Edge Laboratory Analysis, Testing, and Research 

Suited for Royalty

We provide the finest diamonds graded by one of the most prestigious gem labs across the world. When you get a diamond from The Jewelry Clinic, you are guaranteed to have a diamond that meets your expected level of craftsmanship. Whether it’s a traditional round cut or a modern princess cut, diamonds from The Jewelry Clinic will impress you with their quality.

The Jewelry Clinic is your go-to source in Riverhead, New York for certified diamond pieces. Call us at (631) 727-1200 today!

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Custom Design